A new type of brain-twisting mobile puzzle game!

Challenge your friends and yourself by using powerful contraptions and special time manipulation abilities.
This game will blow your mind!

Download Matter of Chalk now!


In a lively chalky world, everything has life-like physics. Create your own puzzles and challenge your Facebook friends if you think they can't solve them in time!

Time manipulation

Bend time to fix mistakes or to complete time-twisted puzzles!


Your imagination is the limit. Create and share awesome puzzles.

Social challenges

Create your puzzle and challenge your friends to win some Chalkies!

Loads of puzzles

Play pre-made puzzles and advance forward to more difficult ones! Complete worlds and unlock prizes.

Solo adventures

Play on your own to unlock awesome new levels and contraptions!

Learn the basics
Unlock new puzzles with chalkies
Complete worlds
Unlock contraptions


Create puzzles and challenge your friends to beat them!

Build the puzzle
Choose wagers and friends to challenge
Wait for them to accept or decline
Win or Lose precious chalkies


Check out some of the crazy levels that are awaiting you in Matter of Chalk!